A Branded iPhone App, What Benefits for your Restaurant?

Imagine having your menu in your customer’s pocket no matter where he goes. Imagine being able to send specials directly to your customer at any time of the day. Most importantly, imagine how all of this could increase your restaurant’s sales.

But how do the above advantages translate into increased sales?

  1. Specials attract customers – Do you agree that many customers are attracted to specials? Yet, to respond to your special your customer must first be aware of it. So if you want to get your customers to respond to your special offers, don’t you need a way of keeping them informed? With your own restaurant iPhone app you have a direct channel of communication between your restaurant and the customer. Since most customers always keep their phone with them, your customers can respond to your special no matter where they are at. (Even if they’re out of town, they can give a heads up to their friends!)
  2. Being remembered is key to repeat visits – Do you remember every restaurant you’ve ever eaten at? Probably not. The average patron eats at hundreds, if not thousands, of restaurants in his lifetime. Thus, many restaurants, though having excellent food, are just forgotten. What do some restaurants do to stay in the patron’s memory? Some give take-out menus, cards, or promotional magnets. But how many of us will lug those items around wherever we go? Most of us will not. A restaurant iPhone app is a natural extension of methods you may already be using to stay in your customer’s memory. When a customer is thinking of what restaurant he wants to visit, he will look at his list of restaurant apps, scan the menus, and say, “Oh man! I remember that restaurant. They have a really good…” Do you see how having an iPhone app can help bring your restaurant back to mind?

There are many other reasons that your restaurant will benefit from having a branded restaurant iPhone app. However, increasing sales is among the most important reasons. Why not take a moment to contact us at Yakuku to get information about pricing and how long it would take to get an iPhone app for your restaurant?


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